App-V Scheduler 2.5 released



If you are reading about App-V Scheduler for the first time: App-V Scheduler is a purpose build deployment tool for App-V 5 and provides features that allow you to perform all actions that are crucial in every application life cycle management process. The power of App-V Scheduler is the amount of fine grained control, instant package delivery and real-time visibility over your App-V 5 deployment.

What’s new in App-V Scheduler version 2.5

  • Full support for the embedded App-V client*
  • Performance improvements in the Central View console
  • New search and filtering options in the Central View console
  • New machine group funtionality for even better management and control over your deployment
  • Enhanced deployment method for large scale VDI environments
  • New publishing tasks features (adding packages on the fly and publish packages globally when no user publishing task exists feature)
  • Import package options directly from the content share

* Since Windows 10 anniversary update and Windows Server 2016 the App-V Client is embedded in the Operating System, this makes your application deployment even easier and more reliable as ever before! And to make it even more a no-brainer to leverage this application deployment method, App-V is now also free to use!

For more information about the above new features, please visit the App-V Scheduler website and read the latest release blogpost.
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