Remote Display Analyzer project update

Hi all,

With this blog post I want to update you about some changes in the RDA project.
A couple of years ago Remote Display Analyzer (RDA) was born from the idea to make the remote display protocol easy to understand and to help troubleshoot and identify remote display configuration issues. Or just to confirm that everything is configured and working properly. It’s been really amazing how much great feedback RDA received from the community and how it became a standard tool in the toolbox of virtualization engineers & consultants.

I didn’t calculate the time spend on developing RDA, but I can say a lot of time went into this project. It started small with only support for Citrix, and now it supports all 3 major display protocols (Microsoft, Citrix & VMware) and also new functionality has been added like support for NVidia to analyze the entire chain in regard to the remote display configuration.

As you might know RDA has a free community edition and extra functionality can be unlocked by becoming a member of the sponsor program. The sponsor program really helps to balance the amount of time spent into this project, so a big thanks to all the sponsors of the RDA project and also for the great feedback from the community that provides new energy to work on this project, it’s because of you that RDA is where it is today.

To solve some challenges in the current state of the RDA project a couple of things are changing, please read the below announcement on the RDA site for more information:

Thanks for reading!