Connection Experience Indicator for RDS, AVD & W365 logging feature

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well. I created a tool for RDS, AVD and Windows365 environments that notifies users about changes in the user experience. It is called the Connection Experience Indicator. The tool is very popular and I receive a lot of great feedback, thank you very much for this.

If you want to download or read more about the Connection Experience Indicator (CEI), please check the original blogpost

The new logging feature will submit connection state changes to the event log. This events can easily be collected in Azure Log Analytics, or another event monitoring tool. CEI uses a default event log source for .NET events so admin permissions are not needed to create a new event log source. Below an example of a connection state change event based on low bandwidth conditions:

As you can see the username and the available bandwidth is included in the event. When a high threshold has been exceeded a warning event will be logged:

The logging feature is enabled by default and can be disabled when adding the -log false parameter.

Please check the original blogpost for more information, thanks for reading and have a great day.