Remote Display Analyzer 1902 released

Hi all,

Happy to announce that a new version of Remote Display Analyzer (RDA) has been released. We decided to change the format of the version number to align with new versioning standards and update cycles. The latest RDA build number is 1902.0.52.1 where 1902 is the year and month, 52 is the day of the year and 1 is the build revision. The short name is RDA version 1902. You can check the RDA version number by clicking on the about (i) button.

What’s new in Remote Display Analyzer version 1902:

  • Added new information like the Windows build number and when running on Citrix or VMware the agent version number is now also displayed
  • Next to the primary screen resolution the DPI scale has been added
  • Support for the latest VMware Horizon (7.6\7.7) versions (integration with the latest Blast API)
  • Support for the latest Citrix VDA (1811) and latest HDX updates
  • Support for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) and the new Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops build (currently in private preview)
  • Added new Nvidia GPU usage information like the license type being used and the video encoder usage
  • Overall improvements and bug fixes

Below you will find some screenshots of the latest RDA version in action.

Screenshot of RDA running on Windows Virtual Desktop (private preview at the moment):

Screenshot of RDA running on the latest Citrix VDA (note the added DPI and updated Nvidia information, which is supported for all display protocols):

Screenshot of RDA running on the latest VMware Horizon agent:

All subscribers should have received a download link to the latest version, you can also download the latest version on the website by filling in the form for the community edition (free) or the subscribed edition, they point to the same executable. Thanks for reading and thanks to the community for testing, validating and providing valuable feedback!