AppVentiX 3.3 is now available!


AppVentiX 3.3 is available, this release includes a rebranded content inventory, ability to clone machine groups, a new App-V cache validation procedure (to make sure the cache is always in a healthy state), new use cases for MSIX management and support for MSIX bundles.

AppVentiX has a free community version and installs under 10 minutes, AppVentiX doesn’t need any back-end infrastructure. You will get immediate results which will make you confident about releasing new applications and updates in real-time. AppVentiX supports Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), Windows 365, VMware and Citrix deployments both on-premises and in the cloud. Both persistent and non-persistent configurations are supported. The solution is powerful, light weight and integrates easily in your existing environment.

Check out the AppVentiX 3.3 release notes here:

AppVentiX 3.3 Release