UDadmin GUI a free tool to manage XenDesktop User\Device Licenses

UDadmin_GUI_logoPlease note: This tool isn’t available anymore

Since the new licensing model for Citrix XenDesktop, which is based on named users and devices, I have customers asking questions like :

  • We are running out of licenses but how do we know which users or devices claimed them?
    XD Usage overview
  • We have a tight budget and don’t want to buy any more licenses then strictly necessary, how can we get better control and insight in the current usage?
  • What is the balance between User licenses and Device licenses?
  • We created some temporary accounts for testing purposes, how can we release them?

UDadmin commandline tool
Citrix provides a command line tool named UDadmin to control the license usage, it’s part of the Citrix Licensing server software and installed by default. You can find it in the LS directory of your license server installation directory. With this tool you can view and reclaim licenses, but it’s not really user friendly mainly because it runs in a cmd box and it requires the right parameters. To provide something easier to this customers I created a GUI around UDadmin :

UDadmin GUI
UDadmin GUI is a lightweight .NET application that visualizes the output of UDadmin, and provides an easy way to release single- or multiple licenses at once, just select them and hit release. I also added some additional features like exporting the current usage to PDF for reporting purposes. When you launch UDadmin GUI it determines the licensed feature for you, no configuration is required at all. Below is a screenshot of UDadmin GUI in action :
UDadminGUI The XenDesktop named license usage is updated every 15 minutes, in UDadmin GUI you can see when the next update schedule occurs (in blue). So after releasing licenses the changes are reflected when the next update schedule runs. If you don’t want to wait that long there is also an option in UDadmin GUI to restart the Citrix Licensing service to reflect the updated usage directly afterwards :
UDadminGUI_restart_ls Prerequisites
There are only 2 prerequisites

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Citrix License Server installed (UDadmin GUI is tested with version 11.10 and 11.11, but every edition which supports the new licensing model should work)

In other words, you need to run UDadmin GUI on the same machine as where Citrix License Server is running, this is because Citrix doesn’t support running UDadmin remotely. UDadmin GUI works with XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum edition, support for App edition will be included in a future version (very soon!).

Just like the UDadmin command line tool, UDadmin GUI needs administrative privileges to run properly. But don’t worry UDadmin GUI is UAC aware and will prompt you when necessary.

UDadmin GUI isn’t available and supported anymore at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Version history

= 1.0 =
– Initial version

= 1.1 =
– Multiple fixes and enhancements

= 1.2 =
– Added an option to restart the Citrix licensing service and refresh usage afterwards

= 1.3 =
– Added export to PDF functionality

= 1.4 =
– Changed the window layout so UDadmin GUI also looks good on lower screen resolutions
– Added support for multiple license files and SA dates

– Added support for mixed XenDesktop Editions (both Enterprise and Platinum on same license server), if UDadmin GUI detects multiple editions a Combobox is visible to switch between editions :
Edition selection
= 1.5 =
– Added support for XenDesktop VDI Edition
– Fixed an issue with releasing user\device licenses which contains whitespaces

= 1.6=
– Added support for XenApp Advanced Edition (named licensing model)
– This version can only release one license at a time to be compliant with Citrix licensing terms
– This version is portable, just place and run the executable on your Citrix license server

91 thoughts on “UDadmin GUI a free tool to manage XenDesktop User\Device Licenses

  1. Hi. First of all: Very nice tool!
    But we have the issue that only one user/device can be selected. Select more entries with SHIFT or CTRL does not work. Any ideas?


  2. Great tool! but I did not find out how to select more then one item at a time? I downloaded 1.6 .thank you

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  4. The tool works very nice! Unfortunately I have read that the tools doesn’t work with concurrent licensing. Will this come in a new version?

    • Hi Frank,

      Unfortunately not concurrent licensing works very different then user\device licensing and this tool is specifically targeting on managing user\device licenses.


  5. Hello Bram – Everywhere your tool has a great reputation and am saddened to see you have removed it from downloading. But, requesting you to post the reason for “This tool isn’t available anymore”.

    — With Thanks!

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