Remote Display Analyzer 2106 released

Hi all,

Happy to announce that a new version of Remote Display Analyzer (RDA) has been released: RDA version 2106.

What’s new in Remote Display Analyzer version 2106:

  • A new Teams Offloading status has been added for Microsoft AVD, Citrix & VMware

Teams Citrix

  • Support for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) RDP Shortpath

AVD Shortpath

  • A new Citrix Build-to-Lossless Quality Slider has been added


  • Added GUI ability to turn on/off NVIDIA GPU monitoring


  • RDA now supports session disconnect / reconnect, monitoring now continues if session is reconnected
  • A Microsoft Max FPS Policy check for server\multi session OS has been added
  • Fixed NVIDIA license detection issue with server\multi session OS
  • Support for all the latest Microsoft, Citrix and VMware versions
  • Various fixes and improvements

You can check which RDA build you are using by clicking on the about (i) button at the top of the RDA window. You will also find the possible parameters there.
Thanks for all the community feedback received. The 2106 version is now available on the website.

2 thoughts on “Remote Display Analyzer 2106 released

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