App-V Scheduler 2.6 Released

Very excited to announce the latest release of App-V Scheduler, version 2.6!

This release contains a lot of new features and improvements based on customer feedback. App-V Scheduler, started in 2014, has a large install base at customers ranging from small to large Enterprises. App-V Scheduler is a proven application life cycle management solution for Government, Finance and Healthcare organisations. Since the App-V client is embedded in the operating system we have seen a fast growth in the adoption of the App-V Scheduler solution. We also see a very high success rate in the deployment of applications with App-V 5, this is also due to the simplified architecture of the App-V client, basically the client consists of a couple of filter drivers that redirects reads and writes making the application run isolated and portable. It’s easy to adopt and learn how this technology works and because it’s already part of the operating system it’s very easy to enable and use!

App-V Scheduler 2.6 new features:

  • The Central View Console has been redesigned from the ground up and build on the latest industry standards
  • Central View now includes advanced filtering, performance improvements and new features
  • The agent is thinner and faster
  • The agent doesn’t need a service account anymore and can be configured to use impersonation
  • Machine groups based on Active Directory OU’s are now supported and it’s possible to provide friendly names for machine groups
  • Multiple content shares can now be configured for a single machine group
  • New feature to disable logons on machine startup until the cache is up to date
  • New package and connection group drain mechanism
  • You can now edit an existing connection group and easily redeploy it
  • Simplified installation and configuration
  • Control all App-V client settings directly from the agent (single point of configuration)
  • Overall improvement and bug fixes

Below you can find a print screen of the new Central View console:

And below a print screen of the new Central View console in action in a production environment:

You can also configure a different theme depending on your preference:

New machine group options:

Furthermore the Agent is even thinner and faster then before, also the installation and configuration has been simplified:

Please click here for more print screens and here for the full App-V Scheduler 2.6 release blog about all the new features!

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