Remote Display Analyzer 2.0 released

Hi all,

I want to begin with a big thank you for all the positive feedback about Remote Display Analyzer (RDA) and also a very big thanks to the members in the sponsor program, this really helps to drive RDA forward and to help balance the amount of time spend in this project by giving something back to the family. So thank you very much for becoming a sponsor!

If you are new to Remote Display Analyzer (RDA), this tool will help you understand your remote display configuration and it’s behavior, it will only show you relevant information and help you decide which setting is the best for your specific use case. It’s also very handy for troubleshooting remote display configurations. RDA is just a portable executable without any installation needed, just run it in your remote session and you will get all relevant statistics and settings right away.

There is a lot of new functionality in RDA 2.0, both under the hood as on the outside. I don’t want to make this a long article so I will just give you a short summary of the new features together with some print screens.

What’s new in version 2.0

  • Support for VMware Blast and PCoIP with also the possibility to change settings on the fly (please note that support for Blast and PCoIP is experimental in this release and not yet tested on different OS and VMware View versions)
  • GPU addon for all protocols: This addon will show basic GPU information and when Nvidia is detected RDA will show GPU usage and (v)GPU information
  • Support for the latest Citrix HDX features like H.265, also the RTT counter has been added and RDA will show you the YUV mode for the active video codec
  • RDA is now multi threaded which means that settings and real-time counters are retrieved on different threads making the tool more snappy and more real-time
  • Counter that indicates the run time of RDA with the option to reset the counter and the total statistics collected during  a specific run time. This is handy for analyzing and comparing workloads
  • Print screen option to easily generate a print screen of the RDA window
  • Multiple improvements for RDP & new statistics information
  • Transparent mode, this option makes the RDA window transparent as you can see in the below print screen

Below you will find some print screens of RDA 2.0

RDA running in transparent mode

RDA support for VMware

GPU addon (available for all protocols) and extended support for HDX

Remote Display Analyzer 2.0 is now available for free on the website where you can also find more information about the sponsor program. Existing sponsors should have received an automatic e-mail about this new release. If you didn’t receive the mail please send an e-mail to support at Thanks again for your support!

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